The department offers programs leading to the master of arts (MA) and doctor of philosophy (PhD) degrees. There is also a joint PhD program in applied mathematics with The University of Alabama system campuses at Birmingham and Huntsville.

Why Come to the University of Alabama for Graduate Studies?

  • We have a department with many active researchers, and we are hiring new faculty members with strong research profiles.
  • Our graduates are very successful in getting academic jobs, mostly those focusing on teaching or at liberal arts schools.
  • We have a medium sized program with a great community.
  • We have a diverse community of graduate schools.
  • Tuscaloosa is a medium sized city that is a great place to live.
  • Our alumni have ended up in a diverse set of mathematics-related careers and places.

Department Research Page

The Department Research Page summarizes Faculty Research.

Information about Courses and Requirements

The UA Graduate Catalog has information about courses offered and degree requirements.  The Math Graduate Handbook has more detailed information about our program.


All prospective graduate students must apply for admission to the University of Alabama Graduate School. Complete information about graduate admissions can be found on the UA Graduate School website, In addition, a detailed list of application requirements can be found here.

To be admitted for a graduate degree, students are expected to satisfy the University of Alabama Graduate School’s general requirements for admission. Each applicant must submit scores on the verbal, quantitative, and analytical portions of the Graduate Record Examination; the advanced portion is preferred but not required.


United States citizens/permanent residents

United States citizens and permanent residents are expected to complete their applications at least six weeks before the anticipated date of registration.

If you are requesting admission and financial aid for the fall semester, your application should be completed before January 15.

International applicants (non-citizens/permanent residents)

International applicants outside of the United States are expected to submit their applications at least eight months before the anticipated date of registration. If an international applicant is currently residing inside the United States, then he or she should apply at least four months before the registration.

An applicant whose application is completed well in advance of our deadlines will be more likely to be admitted and to receive his or her admission and immigration materials in time for visa and travel arrangements to be made.

If you are also requesting financial aid for the fall semester, your application should be completed before January 15.