Summary of Research

Research interests of the members and affiliated members of the Geometry and Topology group include geometry and topology of knots, three and four manifolds; mathematical physics; symplectic and contact geometry; gauge theory, and Floer and Khovanov homologies; geometric group theory; cluster algebras and Jones polynomials.

Faculty Members

  • Vo Liem – Shape theory, topology of 4-manifolds
  • Lawrence Roberts – Low dimensional topology, Khovanov and Floer homologies
  • Bruce Trace – Low dimensional topology, handlebody theory
  • Bulent Tosun – Contact and symplectic geometry in low dimensions, and Heegaard Floer homology

Affiliated Faculty Members

  • Jon Corson – Geometric group theory, group co-homologies, profinite groups
  • Kyungyong Lee – Algebraic geometry, Cluster algebras, Mathematical physics, Jones polynomials

Department Seminars

The group, jointly with Algebra group, run a weekly in-house Algebra-Topology Seminars on Mondays at 11am during the academic year.

Conferences and Local Opportunities

COMS – A continuously updated comprehensive list of meetings related to geometry and topology.

Tech Topology Conference – Annual conference held in Atlanta for new and established researchers.

Georgia Topology Conferences

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Point Set Topology – Every fall

Algebraic Topology I – Every spring

Algebraic Topology II – Every other fall

Differential Geometry – Every spring

Topics course – Every other spring