Research Facilities

Faculty and Undergraduate Student Research Database: The faculty and undergraduate student research database is an excellent way for aspiring undergraduate researchers, scholars, and artists to learn about the ways in which they might participate. Students may take part through formal programs, such as Emerging Scholars or the Computer Based Honors Program, or they might simply seek hands-on academic training with an experienced faculty member.

UA Libraries: Libraries at the University of Alabama hold an extensive collection of book and journals, provide computer access and quiet study spaces. Rodgers Library holds the Science Library collection and the Engineering Library collection.

Software and Online Tools

Individuals in the department have access to a wide variety of software packages and programs. The UA Office of Information Technology (OIT) Software Catalog is constantly updating the software packages available to students and faculty. In addition, the following software is used regularly in the mathematics department:

  • LaTeX— the document preparation system for mathematics theses, dissertations, and other scholarly works
  • MATLAB — available for faculty, staff and students from OIT
  • WebAssign online instructional application
  • WeBWork online instructional application

Professional Societies and Associations

Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)

Pi Mu Epsilon — the math honor society; both graduate and undergraduate students may join.

Useful Links

Academic calendar — from the UA Registrar

Applying for admission to UA

B.B. Comer Mathematics Prize — award given annually by the department to the highest ranked Junior mathematics major

Jacobson Prize in Mathematics – award given annually by the department to the highest ranked Senior mathematics major

Center for Academic Success — a University-wide center that offers help sessions, tutors, and learning aids for many undergraduate courses

Counseling Center — UA Division of Student Affairs

ENGenuity Lab — tutoring available for students enrolled in Calculus I, Calculus II and Calculus III.

Student Financial Aid Office

Department of Mathematics Scholarships

UA Scholarships