Departmental Advising

In order to better advise students, the advisors are matched to students based on the first letter of their last name for all math majors that are not planning to complete the Accelerated Masters Program or are focusing on Mathematics Education.


Last Names Beginning A through C

Dr. Jon Corson
333C Gordon Palmer Hall


Last Names Beginning D through G

Dr. Brendan Ames
316B Gordon Palmer Hall


Last Names Beginning H through K

Dr. Martyn Dixon
312B Gordon Palmer Hall


Last Names Beginning L through O

Dr. Martin Evans
329C Gordon Palmer Hall


Last Names Beginning P through R

Dr. Min Sun
309B Gordon Palmer Hall
(205) 348-5304


Last Names Beginning S through Z

Dr. Tim Ferguson
149 Gordon Palmer Hall


Accelerated Master’s Program

Dr. Kabe Moen
140 Gordon Palmer Hall


The University of Alabama’s Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) can help you meet your goal of earning a graduate degree while saving time and cutting costs.

Through AMP, you take courses that count simultaneously toward your undergraduate and graduate programs. Once admitted, an AMP student is approved to take up to 15 hours of graduate courses that will count towards both the Bachelor’s and graduate degrees. This can shorten the time it takes to earn your master’s degree by up to one year. Upon completion, you enter the job market with increased earnings potential and set yourself apart as a candidate with high-level critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

NOTE: Applicants must have earned 90 or more credit hours by Fall 2018 and have a minimum GPA of 3.3. Not all UA programs participate in AMP. Some programs have higher GPA requirements.  Refer to the table below for participating programs and requirements.


Mathematics Education Advisor

Dr. Jim Gleason
342C Gordon Palmer Hall
(205) 348-5293
Dr. Gleason’s Advising Page