The University of Alabama was founded in 1831 with 5 chairs; including the Chair of Mathematics and Astronomy. Thus mathematics has been a central part of the University from its beginning.

The Mathematics Department offers programs leading to Bachelors, Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. We offer a variety of tracks leading to the Bachelors degrees. The tracks emphasize such areas as those of pure mathematics, classical applied mathematics, numerical mathematics, optimization, mathematical statistics, and mathematics education. The Ph.D. degree is offered with areas of research emphasis in Algebra, Analysis, Applied Mathematics, and Topology.

The Math Technology Learning Center (MTLC) is located in B1 Tutwiler Hall. Tutwiler Hall is on the corner of Colonial Drive and Paul Bryant Drive, diagonal from Bryant-Denny Stadium. If facing the front of Tutwiler Hall from Paul Bryant Drive, the MTLC is located to the far right on the second floor of the two-story annex.

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