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Trouble Registering for Math Classes

Students who receive a prerequisite error when trying to add a math course, completed prerequisite courses at other schools, or who for some other reason need special permission to enroll in math courses, can complete our permission request form. 

Syllabi from Past Semesters

Syllabi from past semesters can be found by searching for the course in myBama.

Transfer Credit

You can find an overview of the transfer credit process and policies on the College of Arts and Sciences website. Comprehensive information about transfer credit can be found on the UA Registrar’s web site.

How to Add Your Name to a Wait list

To add your name to a wait list, take the following steps:

  1. Go to Add/Drop a Class
  2. Type in the CRN of the section you want
  3. Click submit changes (notice you will get an error message)
  4. Choose wait list from the drop down menu
  5. Click submit changes again

Please note: Capacity overrides cannot be issued due to fire marshal regulations.


Any student who does not have AP or transfer credit for a mathematics course will be placed according to their math score on the ACT or SAT, or they may take the Math Skills Assessment.

The Introductory Math Flow Chart provides details regarding placement and introductory mathematics sequences based on assessment test scores.

Introductory Math Course Descriptions

MATH 005: Remedial Mathematics.

No credit awarded. Working at a slower pace, this course helps students to master the concepts of elementary algebra.

MATH 100: Intermediate Algebra.

Building on the topics presented in MATH 005, this course quickly leads students to more algebra and applications. The material is presented at a faster pace than in MATH 005.

MATH 110: Finite Mathematics.

This course places an emphasis on problem solving and is designed for students who need only one math course to satisfy the core requirement. MATH 110 is a dead-end course, which means that it is not a prerequisite for any other mathematics course.

MATH 112: Precalculus Algebra.

This course requires a solid background in algebra and is the first step toward calculus. It incorporates topics from MATH 100  and provides future calculus students with a good foundation in functions and their graphs.

MATH 113: Precalculus Trigonometry.

With a passing grade in MATH 112, students in this course should definitely be progressing to MATH 125. Students do not need this course for MATH 121.

MATH 115: Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry.

Combining MATH 112 and MATH 113, this course is designed for students who are capable of handling an extremely fast track into MATH 125.

MATH 121: Calculus and Its Applications.

This course is designed for students in C&BA who do not plan to attend graduate school. Please note that  MATH 121 is a dead-end course. C&BA students in finance or economics who plan to go to graduate school should take MATH 125. The prerequisites for MATH 125 are MATH 112 and MATH 113, or MATH 115.

Calculus Courses

MATH 125: Calculus I.

This is the first of three courses in the basic calculus sequence. Course content focuses on limits, differentiation, and integration.

MATH 126: Calculus II.

This is the second of three courses in the basic calculus sequence. Content focuses on vector arithmetic, integration techniques, parametric equations, polar coordinates, and infinite sequences and series.

MATH 145: Honors Calculus I.

Honors sections of MATH 125.

MATH 146: Honors Calculus II.

Honors sections of MATH 126.

MATH 227: Calculus III.

This is the third of three courses in the basic calculus sequence. The course focuses on the extension of techniques for univariate calculus to the multivariate case.

MATH 247: Honors Calculus III.

Honors sections of MATH 227.