Undergraduate Studies


The Mathematics department advises majors each semester, starting about two weeks before the opening of registration for the next semester and continuing until the end of registration. Each major will be assigned to one of the departmental advisors based roughly on the first letter of their last name, with the exception of majors in the Math Education concentration and students in the mathematics AMP program. Please note that these assignments may change from semester to semester. Students in Math Education will be advised by the Math Education advisor (see list below), while AMP students will be advised by one of the AMP advisors (see list below), since these programs have special considerations.

For general questions about major or minor advising please e-mail either math@ua.edu or the department’s undergraduate program director.

Course Listing

Information on when math courses are offered can be found the course offerings page.

Departmental Advising

Advisors Last Names beginning with Email
Trace, Bruce A – Bo btrace@ua.edu
Corson, Jon Bp – Bz jcorson@ua.edu
Lee, Kyungyong C klee94@ua.edu
Ames, Brendan D bpames@ua.edu
Chen, Yuhui E-F ychen164@ua.edu
Hadji, Layachi G-Hol lhadji@ua.edu
Roberts, Lawrence Hom-Kz lproberts@ua.edu
Zhao, Shan L szhao@ua.edu
Evans, Martin Ma-Mf mevans@ua.edu
Rasoulzadeh, Mojdeh Mg-Nz mrasoulzadeh@ua.edu
Sun, Min O-P msun@ua.edu
Hocutt, Jeramiah Q-R jahocutt@ua.edu
Nguyen, Hai-Dang Sa-Spa hnguyen4@ua.edu
Watley, Erin Spe -St lewatley@ua.edu
Toro, Roberto Su-Sz rctororodriguez@ua.edu
Shao, Yuanzhen T-V yshao8@ua.edu
Ferguson, Timothy W-Z tjferguson1@ua.edu
Gleason, Jim Mathematics Education jgleason@ua.edu
Makowski, Martha Mathematics Education mbmakowski@ua.edu
Moen, Kabe Accelerated Master’s Program kabe.moen@ua.edu
Tosun, Bulent Accelerated Master’s Program btosun@ua.edu
Dai, Shibin Graduate students sdai4@ua.edu
Dixon, Martyn Graduate students mdixon@ua.edu
Wang, Chuntian Graduate students cwang27@ua.edu
Zhu, Wei Graduate students wzhu@ua.edu