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Why Study Math?

calculator and pencil laying on an open math textbookA strong foundation in mathematics allows students to excel in may possible career paths, including:

  • Finance
  • Education
  • Actuarial science
  • Statistics, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Mathematical biology and chemistry
  • Petrology and geological science
  • Operations research and management sciences
  • Cybersecurity and cryptography
  • Medicine
  • Law

A common denominator in all of these fields is the need for quantitative reasoning, creativity, and critical thinking. In particular, any complex system can be modeled and analyzed using mathematics, which means that mathematics is a fundamental tool in essentially all careers. The ability to understand such systems has never been more important given the explosion in the availability of data in recent years, and the crucial need to make informed decisions from such data.

A degree in mathematics provides an excellent opportunity to develop these skills. Moreover, careers in mathematics consistently rank highly in terms of satisfaction, income, and job prospects in national surveys. More information can be found in this summary from UC Davis and report from the Mathematical Association of America.

Why Study Math at UA?

The Department of Mathematics at The University of Alabama hosts over 400 declared majors in our Bachelor of Science program.

There are many excellent reasons to major in math at The University of Alabama:

  • We offer a diverse program of study that can stand alone or is perfectly suited to complement a quantitatively focused second major.
  • Our majors enjoy individualized advising, allowing our students to form relationships with the faculty.
  • We offer several options for completing an Accelerated Master’s program concurrently with undergraduate studies.
  • We are a very active department, hosting the following:
  • The University of Alabama, and the Department of Mathematics in particular, offers ample opportunities for undergraduate research. A sample of such projects can be found at the faculty research database.
  • Our faculty come from a variety of backgrounds and specialties.  Most of our 300+ level classes are taught by faculty in the department. Information regarding faculty research and teaching interests can be found in the departmental faculty research overview.
  • Dedicated study space in the Mathematics Undergraduate Lounge on the 3rd floor of Gordon Palmer Hall.

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