Latest Past Events

Analysis Seminar – David Cruz-Uribe (UA)

346 Gordon Palmer Hall 505 Hackberry Lane, Tuscaloosa

Title:  Everything I knew (and maybe that you know) about the Stieltjes integral is wrong. Abstract:  I will discuss three definitions of the Riemann integral (the Riemann integral, the Darboux integral, and a variant of the Darboux integral) and why they are equivalent.  I will then introduce the generalizations of these results to define the

Applied Math Seminar – Shawn Walker (Department of Mathematics and Center for Computation & Technology (CCT), Louisiana State University)

346 Gordon Palmer Hall 505 Hackberry Lane, Tuscaloosa

TITLE: A Descent Scheme for Thick Elastic Curves with Self-contact and Container Constraints Abstract: We present a numerical method to simulate thick elastic curves that accounts for self-contact and container (obstacle) constraints under large deformations (the motivating model is DNA packing). The base model includes bending and torsion effects, as well as inextensibility. A minimizing movements, descent