Saturday, November 16, 2019.

38th Annual High School Math Tournament
Math Technology Learning Center, B1 Tutwiler Hall

Contest Announcement 2019

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Directions:  The MTLC is located in room B-1 Tutwiler Hall. Tutwiler Hall is on the corner of Colonial Drive and Paul Bryant Drive, diagonal from Bryant-Denny Stadium. If facing the front of Tutwiler Hall from Paul Bryant Drive, the MTLC is located to the far right on the second floor of the two-story annex.   Tutwiler on the Campus Map

The competition will consist of an individual comprehensive examination on computers and a team written competition that will be restricted to six students from each school.

Public schools will be placed in three divisions according to enrollment: Division I (enrollment in grades 10, 11, and 12 of 700 or more); Division II (enrollment of 300—699); and Division III (enrollment fewer than 300).

Private school teams will be placed in these divisions according to mathematics courses offered.

Questions for the contest will come from pre-calculus mathematics. The individual competition will last one hour and the collaborative team contest will consist of twelve questions and will last forty-five minutes. Calculators are allowed for the team competition, but not for the individual competition.

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