Graduate Studies

Financial Support

We automatically consider financial supports for all admitted graduate students, unless they have other fund sources.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Regular Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA) provide the following compensation:

  • A stipend of $21,582 (effective August 16, 2023) for a 9-month teaching assistantship.
  • Full tuition for up to 15 hours in each of the fall and spring semesters.
  • Single coverage health insurance (provided by the UA Graduate School).
  • Payment of college and departmental fees (averaging $600/semester).

GTA duties may consist of teaching, tutoring, grading, conducting problem sessions for courses taught in large lecture sections, or other duties as needed.

group of graduate students and faculty
Math graduate teaching assistants and faculty members at the 2014 grad student appreciation luncheon. Front row: Drs. Min Sun, Vo Liem, Tavan Trent, Shan Zhao, James Wang and Pu Wang. Second row: GTAs Mengyi Ying, Xuan He, Wufeng Tian, YuanYuan Song, Phylisicia Carter, Veny Liu, Erin Watley, Kaitlyn Perry, Debendra Banjade, Laxmi Chataut, Xuan He, Tania Hazra. Back row: GTAs Back-Xin Luo, Alex Barnes, David Neal, Todd Neal, Toyin Alli, Timothy Homan, Khanh Dinh, Bryan Sandor, Cong Hoang, Mengpu Chen, Mingwei Sun, Huy Vo, Soumyadip Acharyya, Zhihan Wei

Fellowships and Scholarships

The University’s Graduate School website maintains a list of Potential Sources of Funding, including graduate school fellowships, scholarships, awards, and more.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers Dean’s Recruitment and Opportunity Awards to new incoming students.

Our department usually provides summer supports in the forms of scholarships, summer teaching, or research assistantships.