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Alex Barnes

Alex Barnes

Assistant Professor of Mathematics,
Young Harris College

“Being from the state of Alabama and having friends at UA, it seemed like a great opportunity to continue my education. The numerous applied focused professors fit into my desired area and gave me many options to choose from.

With a GTA position, the math department at UA gave me an opportunity to discover that teaching was my real love. I also met many people with different areas of expertise and was able to see the overlap and connectedness of math and other fields. I also gained a great deal of knowledge and critical thinking skills.

As an assistant professor, I constantly use all the knowledge/experience/skill I learned at UA and get a platform on the committees I am on to speak on how issues or problems may be approached or solved with this knowledge/experience.

UA gives all of their students equal opportunities to succeed in whatever they are passionate about (the have professors in every field) and resources are plentiful. They have a new influx of younger professors as well as tenured professors who desired students to work with and are on the cutting edge of many fields. UA was a great place to learn not just about math but about myself. There isn’t many schools in a better location climate wise and diversity wise.”

Cong Hoang

Cong Hoang

Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Mathematics,
James Madison University (JMU)

“I got my job because of the teaching experience from UA, and because of the experience while I was working in the MTLC. At JMU, they need an expert who can train their undergraduate tutors (they don’t have graduate program like UA, so their tutors are of course not as well prepared as UA’s tutors). Besides teaching, I am helping the tutors in the lab with math content questions and training.

UA is a very good place for graduate school time, friendly people, peaceful for most of the time (except game-days!). I love this place, and hope I will be back to settle down when there’s a chance.”