Results of the 2018 Putnam Exam

The Putnam Exam is a national mathematics exam, taken by college and university students in the United States and Canada each December. Only the very best students from each school participate, and it is an honor to be chosen to compete in the Putnam. Six problems are presented in the morning three-hour session and six in the afternoon session, each scored on the basis of ten points. The questions are difficult; in many years, the median score by individuals is 0 out of  120 points. This year, six students from the University of Alabama participated in the Putnam Exam; the students involved were Connor Malin, Benjamin Jones, Bennett Maston, Marie Neubrander, Peyton Morris, and Jeremy Cummings, supervised by Professor Moore.  The team was coached by Bulent Tosun. The team members scored a total of 15 points on the exam, and the top three scorers from the University totaled 29 points.  Congratulations to all the contestants!