Nguyen Wins Best Graduate Poster Prize

Duc Nguyen, a math graduate student at the University of Alabama, won the Best Graduate Poster Prize in the 39th Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Southeastern Atlantic Section Conference (SIAM-SEAS).

The conference was held at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in March 2015. The conference strives to bring together scientists, engineers and applied mathematicians across the Southeast. The conference included speakers and a poster session. During the poster session, judges speak with each presenter about their work.

The title of Nguyen’s poster presentation is “Time-domain matched interface and boundary method for transverse electric modes with complex dispersive interfaces.” This is a joint work with his PhD supervisor, Dr. Shan Zhao.

“Duc is one of the best math graduates in our department,” Zhao said in an email. “I believe Duc won this prize because of not only the high scientific standard of his research work (indicated by publishing in top journals), but also his good explanation to a layperson.”

Nguyen has four articles published and accepted in international peer-reviewing journals, which Zhao said is considered to be excellent in the field of mathematics. He won the Ainsworth scholarship in the department due to his research.