Pi Mu Epsilon Seminar – David Cruz-Uribe

302 Gordon Palmer Hall

“The bread and butter of first semester calculus are optimization problems. In this talk we will start with a classic example: given a rectangular sheet of metal/paper/cardboard, cut equal size squares from each corner so that the sides can be folded up to make an open top box. Given the dimensions of the original rectangle,


Pi Mu Epsilon Seminar – Toyin Alli

302 Gordon Palmer Hall

Building Large Economic and Financial Networks “The study of high dimensional networks has increased dramatically. Group wise information from large datasets can be used to build networks where nodes represent variables and edges represent the conditional dependency between two variables. Economic policy makers can use these networks to measure impulse responses and determine how an

Pi Mu Epsilon Talk – Dr. William Velez, University of Arizona

206 Gordon Palmer Hall 505 Hackberry Lane, Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

In this talk I will describe my career path, how I have handled being the only Chicano in almost any position that I have held, and describe some of my mathematical and public policy work.

Pi Mu Epsilon Seminar – Kabe Moen (University of Alabama)

302 Gordon Palmer Hall

Title:  Chess and Math Abstract: In this talk we will cover some connections between the game of chess and mathematics.  In particular we will answer some questions such as what is the longest game, how many games of chess are possible, how many positions after n moves.  We will also go over constructional tasks and

Pi Mu Epsilon – Patricia Cahn (Smith College)

302 Gordon Palmer Hall

Title: Stranger Strings Abstract: How can we describe all spaces of a given dimension? We'll start by describing 2-dimensional spaces, which look like donuts with any number of holes. Then we'll learn how to describe 3-dimensional spaces, by using knots to build portals in our familiar 3-dimensional space R^3.

Pi Mu Epsilon Induction

301 Gordon Palmer Hall 505 Hackberry Lane, Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

The Alabama Alpha Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon, the national mathematics honor society, will induct new members on April 14, 2022. New members being inducted this year are: Bray, Mason Connor Cardinale, Leonardo Dante Choudhary, Girith Christian, Brent Estreicher, Samuel Ben Foes, Isabella Follmer-Burnett, Haley Noele Han, Seongjune Hankins, Andrew Cole Harbison, Kathryn Elena Hill,