Colloquium – Dr. Lili Ju, University of South Carolina

155 Gordon Palmer Hall

Title: A Parallel Computational Model for 3D Thermo-Mechanical Stokes Flow Simulations of Ice Sheets Abstract: In this talk we focuses on the development of an efficient, three-dimensional, thermo-mechanically coupled, nonlinear Stokes flow computational model for ice sheet simulation. The model features stable and high-order accurate discretizations on variable resolution grids. In particular, we employ a

Yujiang Wu, Lanzhou University “Lopsided PMHSS method for Complex Systems”

228 Gordon Palmer Hall Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

Lopsided PMHSS method for Complex Systems Based on the preconditioned modified Hermitian and skew-Hermitian splitting (PMHSS) iteration method, we introduce a lopsided PMHSS (LPMHSS) iteration method for solving a broad class of complex symmetric linear systems. The convergence properties of the LPMHSS method are analyzed, which show that, under a loose restriction on parameter $\alpha$,

Colloquium – Hailiang Liu, Iowa State University

228 Gordon Palmer Hall Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

Entropy Satisfying Numerical Methods for Fokker-Planck-type Equations Kinetic Fokker-Planck equations arise in many applications, and thus there has been considerable interest in the development of accurate numerical methods to solve them. The peculiar feature of these models is that the transient solution converges to certain equilibrium when time becomes large. For the numerical method to


Colloquium – Xiaofan Li, Illinois Institute of Technology

346 Gordon Palmer Hall 505 Hackberry Lane, Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

Title: Numerical simulations of macroscopic quantities for stochastic differential equations with alpha-stable processes Abstract: The mean first exit time, escape probability and transitional probability density are utilized to quantify dynamical behaviors of stochastic differential equations with non-Gaussian, $\alpha$-stable type L\'evy motions. Taking advantage of the Toeplitz matrix structure of the time-space discretization, a fast and