Colloquium – Shibo Liu, Xiamen University

302 Gordon Palmer Hall

MINIMIZATION METHODS AND EXISTENCE OF SOLUTIONS FOR NONLINEAR DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS The purpose of this lecture is to demonstrate the power of variational methods in the study of nonlinear partial differential equations to people working in other field of mathematics. The equations considered here are variational, namely there is an energy functional ˆ defined on certain Sobolev spaces, whose

Colloquium – Todd Burwell, Boeing Research & Technology

228 Gordon Palmer Hall Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

Title:  An Overview of Applied Mathematics at Boeing Abstract: In this talk we will give an overview of Boeing Research and Technology and discuss how we support the major Boeing business units. We will discuss research and consulting in Applied Mathematics in an industrial setting and give a few examples from Statistics and Operations Research

Seminar – Hristo Sendov, University of Western Ontario

228 Gordon Palmer Hall Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

Every  Calculus  student  is  familiar  with  the  classical  Rolle’s  theorem  stating that if a real polynomial  p satisfies  p(−1) = p(1),  then it  has a critical  point  in  (−1, 1). In 1934, L. Tschakaloff strengthened this result by finding a minimal interval, contained in (−1, 1), that holds a critical point of every real polynomial