Analysis Seminar – Atanas Stefanov

231 Gordon Palmer Hall

Title: On the long term dynamics of the Landau-DeGennes gradient flow Abstract: We study the gradient flow of the Landau-deGennes energy functionals, in the physically relevant spatial dimensions $d=2,3$.  We establish global well-posedness and global exponential time decay bounds for large $H^1$ data in the 2D case, and uniform bounds for large data in 3D.

Applied Math Seminar – Xiang Ma, Grand View University

231 Gordon Palmer Hall

Applications of Atomic Force Microscope in Biological and Biomedical Research Abstract: In this seminar, two examples will be presented to illustrate how a modern instrument, atomic force microscope (AFM), can be applied to solve challenging problems in the biological and biomedical field. In the first example, AFM was used to perform nanoindentation on viruses to