Algebra/Topology Seminar, Bulent Tosun, University of Alabama

228 Gordon Palmer Hall Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

Title : Contact geometry in low dimensions Abstract: This series of talks will be about explaining some fundamental open problems in three-dimensional contact geometry. This third talk will be on overtwisted vs. tight dichotomy (or flexible vs. rigid), and existence problem of tight contact structures.  

Algebra/Topology Seminar – Sergio Fabi, UA Department of Physics

228 Gordon Palmer Hall Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

Title: Lie Groupoid Abstract: Motivation and introduction to the general theory of groupoid, Lie groupoid and Lie algebroid. Few examples are given, in particular the gauge groupoid.  

Seminar – Samuel Lisi, University of Mississippi

228 Gordon Palmer Hall Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

Title: Constructions of symplectic fillings  Abstract:  Bourgeois constructed a family of contact structures on $M \times T^2$ if $M$ is contact, using Giroux's open book decomposition. We will see that these are very sensitive to the page of the open book, but less so to the monodromy. We will also see that many of these

Algebra/Topology Seminar – Elena Pavelescu, University of South Alabama

302 Gordon Palmer Hall

Title: Complete minors of self-complementary graphs. Abstract: A self-complementary graph on n vertices is a graph which is isomorphic to its graph complement within K_n,  the complete graph on n vertices.  These graphs have a high degree of structure, and yet they are far from trivial. This talk focuses on minors of self-complementary graphs. Minors