Math Courses for Fall 2020

An internet rumor has been circulating that all UA math courses will be online in the Fall.  This is not true.

For the safety of students and faculty, UA has imposed social distancing requirements which have significantly reduced the occupancy limits on all classrooms, and limit face to face interactions between students and instructors.  Because of these requirements, the Department has decided to take three lower division courses—MATH 005, 100, 112—online in the Fall.  These courses are not lecture courses but lab courses.  Students would work at their own pace in a computer lab, with access to a cadre of instructors, GTAs and peer tutors.  Since this is not safe or practical, we are taking these courses online.  All content will be delivered in exactly the same fashion, via computer.  Students will have extensive access to one-on-one tutoring via Zoom.  We developed this system in the spring and are continuing to refine it this summer.

For the other lower division courses, all of them (except MATH 208 and MATH 209) will be taught in a hybrid fashion:  some content will be delivered online, but they will include a face to face component.  At this moment we are still working out what this means in terms of classroom capacity and safety, but our goal is to make these the best learning experience possible under the circumstances.

Majors courses (MATH 301 and above) will all be delivered as hybrid courses as well, except for a small handful that are going to be taught online with streaming lectures in the regular class time (AV in the schedule), or will be delivered asynchronously (IN in the schedule).

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

Thank you and Roll Tide!

David Cruz-Uribe, OFS
Professor & Chair, Mathematics