Algebra/Topology Seminar – Yi Ni (California Institute of Technology)


Title: The second term in knot Floer homology Abstract:  It is well known that the genus g of a knot is the highest Alexander grading for which the knot Floer homology is nontrivial. In recent years, there is evidence suggesting that the knot Floer homology is also nontrivial in the Alexander grading g-1. In this talk, I

Algebra/Topology Seminar – Fraser Binns (Boston College)

346 Gordon Palmer Hall 505 Hackberry Lane, Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

Title: Some Link Detection ResultsAbstract: A central question in low dimensional topology is; how can we distinguish links? In this talk I will discuss various classical invariants which can help us do so, as well as the stronger invariant Knot Floer homology and, time permitting, annular Khovanov homology. Indeed, we will see that these latter

Symplectic topology of Brieskorn singularities – Cagri Karakurt (Bogazici University)


Abstract: Cagri will talk about some symplectic/contact topological aspects of Brieskorn singularities $x^p+y^q+z^r=0$. He’ll tell how to draw the surgery diagrams of their canonical contact structures and prove that the Milnor fiber $M(p,q,r)$ symplectically embeds into $M(p’,q’,r’)$ whenever $p\leq p’$, $q\leq q’$, and $r\leq r’$ by explicitly constructing a Stein cobordism between corresponding canonical contact