UA Receives Grant to Use Machine Learning to Study Dark Matter

Dark matter is thought to be the bulk of the material in the universe, yet cannot be detected. Its gravity pushing around cosmic bodies, dark matter is unseen and mysterious, like the invisible wind blowing the leaves. A team of researchers at The University of Alabama hope to develop tools that probe this otherwise invisible

Shan Zhao Named an A&S Leadership Board Faculty Fellow

Congratulations to Shan Zhao for being named an A&S Leadership Board Faculty Fellow! The College of Arts and Sciences Leadership Board Faculty Fellowships recognize the College’s most promising or most accomplished teacher/scholars, individuals early in their careers who demonstrate exceptional promise or faculty members who have brought distinction to the College and University throughout their

Bulent Tosun Awarded an NSF Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Bulent Tosun who has been awarded an NSF grant from DMS Topology program: “The Topology of Contact Type Hypersurfaces and Related Topics”. The project aims to investigate underlying connections between low dimensional smooth manifolds and certain geometric/analytic structures defined on them. The first long-term research objective of this project is to understand

Shan Zhao Awarded an NSF Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Shan Zhao who has been awarded an NSF grant from DMS Computational Mathematics program: “Collaborative Research: Implicit solvent modeling and fast algorithm development for simulating solutes with atomic polarizable multipoles”. This is a collaborative project with Dr. Weihua Geng at Southern Methodist University, with a total award of $448K. Dr. Zhao is

Seongjune Han Wins Randall Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award

Seongjune Han has been selected as a recipient of the 2021 Randall Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award. Seongjune was nominated by Dr. Kyungyong Lee for his research entitled “The joint symmetry of q,t-Catalan Numbers”. Award winners will be recognized at the Randall Research Awards recognition luncheon later in the semester.

Paper by AMP Student Alaric Rohl and Layachi Hadji Published in the Journal of Mathematics

Accelerated Master’s Program student Alaric Rohl, and his advisor Layachi Hadji, had their paper, On three-dimensional stable long-wavelength convection in the presence of Dirichlet thermal boundary conditions, published in the Journal of Engineering Mathematics.  The paper can be found at

AWI Podcast Features Mojdeh Rasoulzadeh

The latest episode of the Alabama Water Institute Podcast features Dr. Mojdeh Rasoulzadeh, assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics. She talks about hydrodynamic driven dissolution in carbonate formation and how it applies to the creation of sinkholes. You can listen on the website, or search for “Alabama Water Institute” and subscribe on Apple Podcasts,

Martyn Dixon and Martin Evans spoke at the Ischia Online Group Theory Conference

Earlier this year Professors Martyn Dixon and Martin Evans both gave talks at a virtual conference which was hosted in Italy, the Ischia Online Group Theory Conference. Recordings of these talks can be found at the links below. Martyn Dixon’s talk:  Groups with many permutable subgroups Martin Evan’s talk: Nilpotent groups in which all proper

Former AMP Student Tyler Williams Publishes Article on

Tyler Williams, a graduate of the Math Department’s Accelerated Master’s Program, recently posted a research paper along with two faculty members at Washington University in St. Louis. The paper can be is entitled Wavelet Representation of Singular Integral Operators and can be found at