The faculty of the Mathematics Department conducts research in a broad variety of areas.  Below are the research groups in our faculty, along with members of the groups and areas they work in.

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Math Education

  • Jim Gleason: Mathematical knowledge for teaching, educational measurement
  • Martha Makowski: Math education, developmental math, STEM access, quantitative and mixed methods

Applied and Computational Mathematics

Ordinary or Partial Differential Equations

  • Shibin Dai: nonlinear PDEs, applied analysis, numerical analysis
  • Layachi Hadji: fluid dynamics, materials science
  • David Halpern: fluid dynamics, mathematics in the life sciences, scientific computing
  • Mojdeh Rasoulzadeh: homogenization method, flow and transport in heterogeneous porous media
  • Roger Sidje: numerical methods for ODEs, numerical linear algebra, computational biology
  • Chuntian Wang: PDEs, stochastic PDEs, statistical-stochastic modeling with applications
  • Shan Zhao: numerical methods for PDEs, scientific computing, mathematical biology
  • Wei Zhu: image processing, numerical methods for PDEs

Optimization and Statistics

  • Brendan Ames: optimization, machine learning
  • Stavros Belbas: optimal control, game theory
  • Yuhui Chen: big data analysis, Bayesian nonparametric modeling, survival models, statistical computing
  • Dang Nguyen: applied probability, stochastic processes, optimal control, dynamical systems, mathematical biology
  • Min Sun: global optimization and game theory with applications, modeling, simulation